Breanna Comunale


Based in New york,new york

 Breanna Comunale is excited for the launch of this publication to the international community. Her favorite part of working on this project since its creation has been interacting with a diverse community of writers that span a multitude of cultures. Her hope is for readers to discover and appreciate the personal narratives and experiences featured here, and to acquire a deeper understanding of the daily occurrences happening in the world. Her goal is to use her experiences working with students from across the globe to make a publication that fosters a learning environment that creates an awareness for the fascinating people surrounding them. 


Amanda Esquivel

Managing Editor/Fashion Columnist

Based in San diego, CAlifornia

Amanda Esquivel is excited to be a part of Global Writers United. She enjoys to travel and write about her experiences around the globe. Besides her interest in  arts and culture, she loves fashion. During her free time, she spends time learning a variety of languages. She hopes to continue writing as well as exploring more cultures.



Sonia Visone

Global recruiter

       Based in Monte carlo, Monaco

 Sonia Visone is proud to be a part of Global Writers United. She hopes to explore and learn more about the diverse cultures around the world, in addition to building upon her experience in journalism. When she’s not at school, she’s most likely either reading a book or taking a nap. She also loves watching TV shows as it is an escape from her schoolwork, and spending time with her dog, family and friends. This year, besides applying to universities, she looks forward to pursuing and sharing her interests about societies and cultures with others. She hopes to showcase a piece of her own country for others to learn more about, and create an appreciation in the complexities of societies worldwide.

Alejandra Cruz

Art Director

Based in Hamburg, Germany 

 Alejandra Cruz is looking forward to continue working with publications that tailor toward broader audiences. Currently studying art at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, she hopes to share her experiences and artistic voice while studying in this colorful and eventful city.  



Staff Writers

          Jake Brittain

          Samantha Clarke

 Haley Gale

 Moises Gomez-Pastor

 Delaney Gustafson

 Denisse Luna

 Megumi Pelka

 Maddy Mcgrath

 Ariana Melchor

 Mason Mieszala

 Fina Rimando

          Ana Russell

          Natsu Tabata

          Sofía Vargas