Seoul, South Korea

My Experience With Traditional Korean Attire

Describe Seoul, South Korea in three words: historical, innovative and fashionable. The city has it all. While I visited in March, I enjoyed a visit to the Joseon Dynasty’s palace, Changdeokgung. Located in the cultural center of Jongno-gu, this palace creates a getaway to the past. Admiring the breathtaking scenery makes you imagine seeing the royals strolling around the gardens, cherishing their wealth. Anyone who visits feels regal.

During my visit at the palace, I got to wear traditional Korean attire. The women’s dress is called Hanbok. Known for its lively colors and simple lines, this two piece dress was very popular during the Joseon period. Usually worn in formal events such as festivals and celebrations, this dress is an icon of Korean legacy. Throughout Seoul, there is an abundance of Hanbok shops for purchasing or renting. All around, you can see girls and even tourists wearing the vibrant gowns. Entering the stores is a unique experience due to the variety of colors and patterns.  I chose a cream top with a fuchsia bow and a bright raspberry skirt. What I loved most was the intricate gold flower patterns on the skirt. This style was very appropriate to the season of spring and the blooming of the native cherry blossoms.

 It was exciting to walk around and see locals appreciate and admire Korean culture. Dressing up in this iconic garment made me understand and appreciate the rich history of South Korea even more. It is a country filled with fascinating traditions, architecture, and trends that you would not like to miss.

Unlike Japan, South Korea represents an unconventional travel option that will pleasantly surprise you. If you decide to travel sometime in the near future, choose Seoul because you will not regret it. 

(Photography courtesy of Amanda Esquivel)


Josean Dynasty Palace

Hanbok Attire





Amanda Esquivel