Munich Summer

Hallo meine Freunden! That means hello my friends! This summer I was happy that I finally got to practice my German skills, because me and my family visited the gorgeous city of Munich. It had been awhile since I stayed in Germany, but this was my first official time here. To be honest Germany is one of my favorite countries and sightseeing any city here is worth it. For about four days, I got to experience the traditional German lifestyle. From eating the best Rischart pastries, to bike riding like a local in the Englischer Garten, this metropolis can make anyone smile.  Munich has an infinite amount of choices on what to do, because it is a mix of modern and classic. If you enjoy to see architecture with a fairytale style go to Marienplatz. If you are interested in the futuristic appeal go to the B&W Museum. Whatever you like, Munich has it. Here people are always on the go. The most effective way to get around is on the subway, tram or train. It’s really easy to wander because the subway stations are in every corner. In general public transportation here is magnificent, so you’ll never get tired of walking. I wish we had more of that here in the States, because it makes life easier. Aside from loving the transportation, I also, deeply enjoyed how this city is overflowing with nature and parks. Due to the heavy rainfall, trees and vegetation flourish. It is amazing to see the combination of city and nature. Wherever you are there’s always a nearby park where you can sit down and appreciate the beauty.


july 2018

 One of my favorite moments here was seeing an old friend from school. I told him I was going to visit and we planned a day to sightsee the city. His name is Felix and he was an excellent tour guide! Thanks to him I got to experience Munich like a local. I got to ride the subway, eat a huge pretzel, see the Tollwood festival and breathe fresh air from the lovely Olympia park. Besides enjoying these fun activities, in the end both our families had dinner at a delicious Biergarten called Hirschgarten. The translation is beer garden and it’s an outdoor area filled with tables, where Germans drink beer and eat traditional dishes. The best part is the setting because it is filled with lush trees that emit shade and coolness during summer. Certainly, Biergartens are the perfect place to cool off and savor a Bratwurst. Something else I loved there was the social ambiance. People here arrive with their friends and family to relish the simplicity of life which is delicious food accompanied by a charming environment. It was really pleasant to participate in this experience and feel like a German girl.

Amanda Esquivel